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Hospitality chose me, as it beckoned me to embark on a path of creating extraordinary moments and crafting unforgettable experiences. The ability to touch lives, ignite joy, and weave stories of wonder has always stirred my soul. The hospitality industry provides a canvas on which I can paint these vibrant tapestries of enchantment.

For me, hospitality is a gateway to spreading happiness. The profound joy I feel when I have the privilege of serving and bringing smiles to people's faces is immeasurable. I believe that in the midst of their busy schedules, guests deserve moments of respite and pure delight.

My vision goes beyond providing exceptional accommodations; it centres on creating unforgettable experiences that become the best days of our guests' lives. Weddings, those moments of love and celebration, hold a special place in my heart. I strive to make each dream wedding come true, where every detail is meticulously planned to exceed expectations and create lasting memories.

Through hospitality, I have the opportunity to give happiness to families, to be a part of their most treasured moments. The warmth that fills my soul when I witness the joy in their eyes is the driving force behind my passion.

By cultivating a team of passionate professionals who share my vision, we can unleash the true potential of hospitality. Investing in their growth, fostering a culture of collaboration, and encouraging their unique talents, we can craft remarkable experiences that leave an indelible mark on our guests' lives.

Together, let us embark on this transformative journey, revolutionizing the hospitality industry by creating magical moments, exceeding expectations, and inspiring others to join us in our quest for unparalleled excellence.

Code of Conduct

At Luxury Train Company and resorts, we are committed to providing our guests with an exceptional and unforgettable experience in the world of luxury travel and hospitality. Our code of conduct outlines the principles and values that guide our actions and interactions with guests, colleagues, and the community.

Guest Satisfaction:
a. We strive to exceed our guests' expectations by providing unparalleled service and attention to detail.
b. We listen to guest feedback and continuously improve our services to enhance the guest experience.

a. Honesty and transparency are the foundation of our interactions with guests, colleagues, and partners.
b. We adhere to all legal and ethical standards in our operations.

a. We treat every guest, colleague, and community member with respect and dignity, regardless of their background or status.
b. We maintain a safe and harassment-free environment for everyone.

 a. We value collaboration and teamwork among our employees to ensure the seamless delivery of our services.
b. We promote open communication and a culture of mutual support.

Environmental Responsibility:
a. We are committed to sustainable practices and minimizing our environmental impact.
b. We encourage responsible consumption and waste reduction.

Cultural Sensitivity:
a. We respect and embrace the diverse cultures and traditions of our guests and colleagues.
b. We strive to provide culturally sensitive services and experiences.

Privacy and Data Protection:
a. We safeguard guest information and respect their privacy in accordance with applicable data protection laws.
b. We do not disclose guest information without proper authorization.

Quality and Excellence:
a. We maintain the highest standards of quality in all aspects of our services.
b. We continually invest in the training and development of our employees.

Health and Safety
a. We prioritize the safety and well-being of our guests and employees.
b. We follow all health and safety regulations and provide proper training.

Community Engagement:
a. We actively engage with and support local communities where we operate.
b. We contribute positively to the social and economic development of these communities.

a. Violations of this code of conduct will be thoroughly investigated, and appropriate actions will be taken, including disciplinary measures if necessary.
b. All employees are encouraged to report any violations or concerns to their supervisors or the designated compliance officer.


1. Lohagarh Fort Resort -
Situated in the serene locale of Kukas, Jaipur, Lohagarh Fort Resort is a testament to the perfect blend of historical charm and modern amenities. Our resort offers you a chance to step back in time and experience the opulence of a bygone era while enjoying the convenience of contemporary comforts. With 80 elegantly appointed rooms and suites, we ensure that your stay with us is nothing short of regal.

2. Lohagarh Corbett Resort:
Tucked away in the wilderness of Ram Nagar, Nainital, Lohagarh Corbett Resort is a wildlife-themed paradise that combines adventure with serenity. We are committed to sustainable tourism and wildlife conservation, providing you with an opportunity to connect with nature while treading lightly on the environment. Offering 16 well-crafted rooms and suites, we create an immersive experience in the heart of nature.

3. Kothi Lohagarh:
Located in the enchanting surroundings of Jamdoli, Jaipur, Kothi Lohagarh is renowned for its intimate ambiance and personalized service. Our establishment is perfect for those seeking romantic getaways, small gatherings, or simply a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We offer 15 thoughtfully designed rooms and suites, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction.


Hotel Mahal Khas Palace
Welcome to Hotel Mahal Khas Palace, an enchanting retreat nestled within the majestic walls of Lohagarh Kila, a historical fortress in Bharatpur. This heritage property is a harmonious fusion of Mughal and Rajput architectural styles, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. Dating back to 1826, when it was commissioned by the visionary Maharaja Balwant Singh, the palace tells an enthralling story of regal splendor and timeless elegance.

With 40 meticulously designed and elegantly appointed rooms, Hotel Mahal Khas Palace stands as a significant addition to our portfolio, symbolizing our unwavering dedication to preserving India's profound heritage. Each room is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of a bygone era, offering modern comfort while retaining the palace's historic charm.

As you step into our magnificent abode, you are transported back in time, surrounded by opulent interiors, intricate detailing, and an atmosphere steeped in history. Our commitment to preserving this cultural treasure is not only reflected in the architecture but also in the personalized service and curated experiences we offer to our guests.

Immerse yourself in the regal ambiance of Hotel Mahal Khas Palace, where every corner whispers tales of a glorious past. Whether you are here for leisure or business, we invite you to explore Bharatpur's vibrant culture and heritage while enjoying the unmatched hospitality that is our hallmark.

Experience the epitome of luxury and history at our doorstep. Hotel Mahal Khas Palace is not just a place to stay; it is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the grandeur of India's royal past. We look forward to making your stay with us truly memorable.


Palace on Wheels pays homage to India's royal legacy, launched in 1982 .This luxury train recreates the opulence of Maharajas' journeys, with each coach serving as a palace suite on wheels. Beyond being a mere train, Palace on Wheels is a living testament to heritage, blending luxury and comfort seamlessly.

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